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Over Zsolt A.

My name is Zsolt, a jazz trumpet player, teacher, composer, and producer from Serbia.
I offer music lessons for all ages.

You are choosing what topic you want to work on. My idea is to focus always on the basics and once we master them, there are no limits for creating magical music vibes.
As an active participant of the jazz, pop, rock, ska, hip-hop/neo-soul, Balkan and electronic scene in Budapest and the Netherlands, I am capable to basically work with you on any music style you want.

- Basic trumpet technique
- Jazz trumpet technique
- Improvisation
- Music theory (basic, jazz)
- Solfege
- Playing in various music styles (jazz, neo-soul/hip-hop, Balkan, ska)
- Self-recording & mixing (in Ableton)

About me:
Since I was 18, I’m teaching trumpet technique, jazz improvisation, music theory workshops and also gave courses to pop and jazz ensembles.
Over the last 16 years I was studying in 4 different countries (Serbia, Hungary, Netherlands, and USA).
I had the privilege to acquire knowledge from great musicians, teachers and mentors from all around
the world, especially in NYC, where I had a chance to learn from the biggest icons of jazz music.
In Serbia, I studied classical music, in Budapest and Netherlands I finished my jazz bachelors and in the
Netherlands and NYC, I finished my jazz masters studies.

Feel free to contact me anytime for a lesson!

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Vanaf 19,20 EUR / 30 min.

De prijs is inclusief 20% korting op een strippenkaart.

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