Yiannis K.

Bevoegd docent in Piano, Keyboard, Muziektheorie, Gehoorleer, Compositie, Songwriting, Muziekproductie, Ear training, Music Theory, Composition, Music production

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Bevoegd docent in Piano, Keyboard, Muziektheorie, Gehoorleer, Compositie, Songwriting, Muziekproductie, Ear training, Music Theory, Composition, Music production

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3024en Rotterdam

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3024EN Rotterdam

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Over Yiannis K.

Do you want to learn to play the piano/keyboards to play your favorite music? To have educational structured lessons while having a good time?
It is my goal and pleasure to help you achieve what you want in an educative, motivational, creative and most of all fun way!

“Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue.”
- Plato

About me
My name is Yiannis. I am a piano/keyboards player and composer.
Being a member of various and diverse music projects and also leading my trio, playing in various European countries, is a fulfilling and motivating experience that makes me want to develop constantly, while fueling my passion and love for music.

Besides performing, I have been teaching students of diverse age groups, different nationalities and backgrounds, of any level and style at music schools and in private since 2004.

In my opinion sharing knowledge, passion and love for music with my students is of great importance, helping them to find or maximize their joy and skills of playing music and develop towards reaching their goals and dreams.

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” Albert Einstein

The subjects I'm looking forward to working on with you, are:
• Piano/keyboards in any style
• Composition/Arranging/Songwriting
• Music theory
• Modern harmony
• Ear training
• Rhythm training (master’s thesis dissertation on “Applications of
polyrhythms and note groupings in modern music performance”)
• Producing (Cubase, synthesizers)
• Digital music notation (Sibelius)
• Band coaching
• Individual practice/goal coaching
• Preparation for entrance exams for Jazz and Pop Conservatories

In our first “trial” lesson we will talk about your musical interests, background and motivation in a friendly and relaxed environment (over a coffee or tea?). We will form an individual course structure, tailored according to your needs.

Our lessons can take place at my space or I could visit yours if that is required.

Looking forward to work and have fun with you soon!

- Master of Music: Jazz piano performance (Codarts, Rotterdam, NL).
- Research and thesis on” Applications of polyrhythms and note groupings in modern music performance.”
- Bachelor of Music: Jazz piano performance (Prince Claus Conservatory, Groningen, NL)
- Bachelor of Music: Classical piano (AR Conservatory, Heraklion, GR)

  •  Yiannis K. biedt online lessen aan

    • We bieden nu online lessen aan, waar je thuis een instrument kunt leren spelen met de beste muziekdocenten in Nederland.
    • We hebben een digitaal systeem gebouwd dat perfecte video- en audiokwaliteit biedt, zodat je het meeste uit je lessen kunt halen.
    • Begin vandaag door een bericht te sturen naar onze docent Yiannis K.

Hoe werkt het?

Bericht sturen met jouw gegevens.

2. We nemen contact op.

De docent en/of een medewerker neemt contact met je op over de mogelijkheden.

3. Eerste les afspreken.

Er wordt samen met de docent een afspraak gemaakt voor een proefles.


Onze manier van lesgeven is flexibel. Zo kun je o.a. zowel wekelijks als sporadisch lessen inplannen met jouw docent.

Hoge kwaliteit

Heeft alleen docenten met een relevante opleiding (bv. Conservatorium), ervaring en, waar nodig, een VOG.

Slimme chat

Wij hebben een slim en makkelijk proces ontwikkeld voor het afspreken van lessen met jouw docent. Betaling zowel afspreken in de chat is allemaal online en via je telefoon te doen.

Aanbevelingen van Yiannis K.

5 Gemiddelde beoordeling op basis van 5 reviews

Diederik D.
Yiannis is a highly skilled piano teacher, apart from being a great musician himself. He is very knowledgeable in music theory as well.
Alain D.
Yiannis is an enthusiastic piano teacher. He teaches me for over 2 years now and still every lesson is fun and challenging. Even when I had little time for practice, I went home with new things learned and every minute well spend. He showed me good tips for practising and is flexible with planning the lessons.
Twan S.
I am having lessons for almost 2 years now with Yiannis as my teacher/ coach. He always gives me motivation to challenge myself in my piano practice. He helped and learned me a lot about how to practise. How to deal with time pressure. How to set goals for myself to develop a skill. Get knowlegde of my weaknesses and my powers. And how to plan my time effectively. I think he is a inspirational teacher with much talent and motivation to bring the best out of your piano playing and practise. I really recommed to try a lesson.
Mario '. Z.
Yiannis is a great teacher that knows a lot. He has really helped me understand and have fun with music and I'd recommend him to anyone.
Nico V. N.
Een dikke 5 omdat hij het waard is. Geduldige en alerte docent. Om mij muziek te laten maken is geen gemakkelijke opgave maar dit lukt Yiannis wel. Is ook actief als musicus en je kunt hem regelmatig zien optreden in het clubcircuit. Nederlands spreekt hij nog niet echt lekker maar laat het geen beletsel zijn om les bij hem te nemen. Hij is het waard. Nico

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SMS/Whatsapp: 06 12 15 15 83

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