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Songwriting, Compositie, Muziekproductie, Gitaar, Piano
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If you want to learn how to make a song or piece of music from scratch
(write, harmonise, arrange, produce, record, mix and master),
this is for you! Also, If you aspire to enter a Composition course and need guidance and preparation for the entrance, you should definitely consider contacting me

My favourite method is to make goal-focused projects. This means that together with the student we are making a plan to reach a specific result, and the lessons are based on getting there. That could be from learning guitar skills, to writing and learning a song, to producing a track from zero, to learning and understanding how to play or produce music that exists already! However, if this is not something for you, I also offer more conventional music lessons including guitar, piano, music theory, composition and music production.

I have been teaching music in the Netherlands since I graduated in the summer of 2018. I believe that the most important thing about giving lessons is being able to inspire the student to want to create something interesting or beautiful. I am always trying so that at the end of the lesson the student is looking forward to improve and be creative!

My name is Vitali and I am a composer living and working in the Hague. My main work is in experimental acoustic and electronic music and I have a long background in production. My education includes a Bachelor and two Master diplomas in music composition. I have an extensive background that ranges across music genres, including pop, rock, metal, rap, jazz etc.

Don’t hesitate to contact me to learn more!

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