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Klarinet, Saxofoon, Muziektheorie

Over Rosa

My name is Rosa. I studied for my bachelor degree in Barcelona and my master at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam in the speciality of clarinet performance.
I specialised in contemporary and classical music, but I am active in some ensembles and groups of other styles, like Klezmer music, Balkan, Gipsy, Brazilian and jazz.

That is why I love clarinet because it is versatile and fits in all kinds of styles!
I love teaching because it is a way to continue with my daily work where I am in constant
research to find my voice in the music world.
Opening my horizons with other styles makes me question everything I do and gives me tools and methodologies to apply in my teaching.

I have been teaching for more than eight years.
I have students of all ages and levels, so I adapt myself to the wishes and necessities of each one, accordingly to the style they like.
Furthermore, I take part in a summer music camp organisation, where we create interdisciplinary
performances with children.
I believe in the necessity of applying new methods in musical education such as improvisation,
jazz, World Music traditions and others. Everyone can improvise from the first day they play the
instrument, but do not panic!
Improvising does not mean one has to be able to play something beautiful or exciting.
It is a way of enriching the relationship with your instrument, knowing how it reacts in different situations.

If you need help playing an instrument or with music theory, you are welcome to contact me.
I can introduce you to play a new style, improvise, read scores, and understand harmony to give
sense and coherence to the music you want to play. Teaching is a beautiful way of nourishing each other!

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Mariska A.

Aangemaakt op 04/11/21

Ze weet me in heldere woorden duidelijk uit te leggen via beeldscherm waar ik op moet letten voor mijn houding, kaak, blaastechnieken. dat alles in een positieve sfeer. kortom een fijne docent.

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