Pedro M.

Bevoegd docent in: Saxofoon, Muziektheorie

Biedt ook online lessen aan.
Geeft les in het Engels, Spaans en Portugees
Geeft les in Klassiek, Pop en Rock genres

Bevoegd docent in: Saxofoon, Muziektheorie

Biedt ook online lessen aan.
Geeft les in het Engels, Spaans en Portugees
Geeft les in Klassiek, Pop en Rock genres

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Biedt ook online lessen aan.
Geeft les in het Engels, Spaans en Portugees
Geeft les in Klassiek, Pop en Rock genres
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Over Pedro M.

What do you know about the saxophone?
Hello, my name is Pedro and I am a saxophonist from Portugal.
The saxophone is one of the youngest, and one of the most versatile instruments in the classical music world.
It sounds amazing in every style, like pop, rock, jazz, and it has a unique sound because it can sound bright and loud and, at the same time, darker and soft.

These are some of the reasons of why I fell in love for this instrument. When I play my instrument, it becomes my voice, and through it I speak to people with my music. All these years of experience and knowledge only make sense if shared. It is in this sense that my pedagogical path began.

Teaching method:
I started teaching the saxophone about four years ago. I went through several conservatories and music schools, and it was from there that I built my teaching methods.
Every student is different, and for this reason I try to adapt my methods to each student.
In my classes, I always give space for you as a student to choose one of the music pieces.
You can choose the style, as I want to create a happy atmosphere during our lessons and give some extra motivation.
This is because I find it very important that you always feel comfortable in what you are doing.
There is nothing worse than doing something you don't like.

The way I approach my students is quite flexible, and I always start out with introducing the saxophone.
After that, I guide you through the first steps, playing only with the mouthpiece and the neck.
When you feel comfortable, I move on to the finger placements but with an interactive approach (games, images, videos, play-alongs).
At the end of the lessons, I give you a moment of freedom, a moment of where you can improvise.
I see this moment as an essential part, to free yourself and explore the instrument in a free and non-criticizing way.

Online lessons:
In my online classes, I transport all the methods mention before to a stream.
It is important that the first class with you is live, to explain the basic concepts of playing saxophone, and after that we can change to online lessons. It is important tot have a good equipment for an online lesson, like good device, internet connection, a room with a good light and -of course- the instrument. It is also important that you can concentrate during the lesson and have no distraction like TV, mobile phone etc.

About me:
I am playing music since I was 11 years old, and it was in that moment that this adventure began.
I took my first steps as a musician in my hometown in Portugal, and all my hard work brought me where I am now.
I ́m currently doing my second master, Master of Music - Chamber music, at Conservatorium Maastricht.

In Portugal, I already completed my superior studies, the bachelor in performance – Classical Saxophone (2017) and the Master in Music Pedagogy (2019) at Universidade do Minho, Portugal.
I have a lot of experience in playing with other musician in different formations.
Not only classical, but also in rock and pop bands, and recorded several CD’s together.

So, now that you have read a little bit of me, I hope you are interested to learn music and
If you want to take lessons with me, I can assure you that yo will not regret it!
Thank you for your time and hope to see you soon at your first saxophone lesson!


Onze manier van lesgeven is flexibel. Zo kun je o.a. zowel wekelijks als sporadisch lessen inplannen met jouw docent.

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