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Drums, Percussie, Ableton Live, Logic, Cubase
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My name is Pablo and I am a drummer and electronic producer from Spain.
As a drummer I work as a session musician in every style, from rock to salsa to pop, but the style I enjoy the most playing is jazz.
As a producer, you can listen to my projects on every streaming platform.
I make lofi hip-hop and R&B as Paul Wilbury, my first Project and the one I have the most releases with.
I also make techno and deep-house as NAKANO BLU.

As my student, you will have the opportunity to explore the instrument and every genre that you love (even the ones you don’t even know you like yet!).
When teaching drums I always consider the drumming technique a pillar for the development of the musician, the better the technique the easier will be for the students to express themselves.
The second most important element is of course the music, being able to play along your favourite songs will make you not only understand the music you are playing, but also develop important things like inner-time, dynamics and expression among other things.

But I do not only teach drummers, if you are interested in producing music I will be able to teach you how to use the most important Digital Workstations like Ableton Live, Logic or Cubase.
From beatmaking to mixing and mastering, and for all levels, I can help you reach your goals in music production, also, fitting the lessons to the genre of your choice, if you are looking to make Trap Beats or Deep Techno I can help you with every step of the production.

I studied classical percussion with master percussionist Jefferey Prentice (Boston), also Bachelor of Jazz at the CSMIB (Spain) and currently I am enrolled in the Electronic Music program and Jazz at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

I also received numerous masterclasses and private lessons by legendary drumers like Jack Dejohnette, Marc Miralta, Yoran Vroom, Haye Jellema, Jairo Ubiaño and Dani Dominguez, among others.

As for my professional background, I was a teacher in MesMusica and DosPuntDos (both in Spain) as well as live experience in over 100 gigs as a session drummer during 2019

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