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Ornella Balhi is a French recorder player. She studied at the royal conservatory in The Hague, where she had a bachelor in recorder and a master in music and music education.
Passionate about music and moreover by the recorder, she loves teaching and sharing with students, which she learns a lot from. Over the years she developed her own teaching method, approved by peers who often ask for advise. With the help of students, she invented lots of games. Ornella is always enthusiastic when she creates and releases a new one.
Teaching mainly expats, in her ten years of teaching, numerous of her students have entered conservatories when moving abroad. For those who stay in the Netherlands, they are still studying the recorder with her, some for 8 years now.
Ornella can teach all ages, levels and music styles, but she is specialised in renaissance, baroque and contemporary music. Lessons are in French or English and currently improving her Dutch skills to be able to teach in Dutch from September. Ornella is also a performer and work in different projects.

During the first lesson:
-She introduces herself and ask the student to do the same if they feel comfortable doing so. It allows her to create a good contact and try to make the student at ease.
-Providing a different approach regarding the level, the personality and the age of the student. If he is a child beginners, maybe the parents can be there if they are shy.
-Do you know about the recorder: the different instruments from sopranino to bass and the different styles, renaissance, baroque, or modern instruments. It is important to show all the possibilities the recorder has. Ornella usually bring as many recorders as she can, demonstrate and ask which one they prefer.
-Gather information about what they want, which repertoire they would like to play. It can also be medieval, pop or jazz!
-Play some games: put the pieces of the instruments together, why some have 2 or 3 parts, the names of those parts. She would introduce it in a different way for adults. In any case, she’d let them try the instruments.
-What’s the goal. Depending on the age and many other things the goal might be different. It is important to know for practising reasons as well.
-Teach them a tune if they already have an instrument. It can be frustrating not to play during the first lesson.
For children, collaboration between teacher/student/parents is important. It is a teamwork!

Ornella’s lessons are always fun and takes place in a positive, friendly and respectful atmosphere. Her main stream is to give students what they need regarding their own learning style. Indeed we do not all learn in the same way and she believes that to keep students motivated “the right food” should be given. In that way the student feels considered. The same goes for practising. She sends audio or video support. Some students just need to see it, or hear the piece again. She will always try to give you music you like, homework that is achievable, usually something simple and a more challenging piece. You can also use her board games, cards or dices to practice if that makes it more appealing. Ornella will teach you how to practice efficiently, not to loose time. There is no need to play the piece all over and over again from the beginning. She will advise you on how to isolate the problems, fix them and then play the piece.
Music is fun and brings so much joy, LET’S DO IT!

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Rudolf J. H.

Aangemaakt op 03/12/21

For me, Ornella makes playing the recorder an adventure. I had two lessons till now and I asked Ornella to help me with two things at first: learn to add and play baroque ornamentation and to handle dynamics between forte and pianissimo in a book with 8 Japanes tradionals. The first task Ornella gave me was to come up with the story in the music. She asked me to find out by myself, which is not really easy. She gives me small tips, like how to end a fermata in a way the listener will think the sound is still there, or alternative fingering to play notes very soft. In this way, after just two lessons I learned a lot of new skills I can try by myself. She also helps me with the fundamentals like to hold the recorder better. Because she is mainly suggesting improvents, I feel I have room for my own ideas. Actually, I look forward to the moment we disagree on how to play things. Ornella is an excellent teacher for me. I cannot tell if this will be the same for you. You may need different things and a differnt teaching style. But, give it a try. Ornella understands Dutch quite well, but she talks in English to me, while I stick to Dutch, mostly. This works well and I think there ned not be any issues with language, even if you do not speak English very well. We also talk a lot in music language.

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