Marilena Z.

Bevoegd docent in klassieke zang, zang, zang en piano
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Reageert in 26 uur. en 41 min.



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Vanaf 16,80 EUR / 30 min. exclusief BTW

De prijs is inclusief 20% korting op een strippenkaart.

Reageert in 26 uur. en 41 min.

Over Marilena Z.

Being a young performer myself, I know how important it is to keep the fun in making music. Working with my students I am always trying to keep it simple so they can understand the process. Also because the voice is a detailed instrument and requires a lot of patience.
My main focus, when starting with a new student, will be the breath technique which I believe is the most important.
The repertoire I am usually working with is classical but I am also familiar with musicals and modern singing. Together with my students we choose the pieces we want to work on, making sure that the repertoire suits our level of technique and interpretation.
With the adult students and with those who are familiar with theater, we also work on the interpretation parts of a piece such as the lyrics, the meaning and the specific stylistic requirements. With the younger students we focus more on the music and the rhythm. But it always depends on the student and how excited he/she is.

Normally I work with adolescents from the age of 15 and adult students. The main reason for that is the development of the voice, which in younger age is not well developed and that can cause hoarseness. Usually in a singing lesson we need a piano If the student has in his/her house that will make things easy but otherwise I could bring my roll piano. Some times, when it is necessary, I could book a room in a studio and work there.
The lesson can also take place online, which from my experience can worked perfectly.

I have been teaching singing for 3 years now(the previous 2 years in conservatories in Greece) with both beginners and advanced students so don't hesitate to contact me if you don't have any experience with music! Don't listen to what people say. Talent is something we can work on!

In terms of my experience as a performer, I have worked as a performer and a singer in opera performances. I am also a member of a female Greek ensemble called "Voci Contra Tempo" with which I have participated in several concerts and festivals. I have also made my one attempt to create my one performance which was presented in the festival of Rhodes and won the price of "Best musical arrangement" and "Best adapted script".

Would you like to know
more and have you become enthusiastic, send me a request so that we can schedule a lesson!


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