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Pan flute Lessons Amsterdam
Hi I'm Mariana. Pan flute player and teacher in Amsterdam. I fell in love with the pan flute as a child - I fell in love with the sound and the vibrations.

The seemingly simple instrument came alive in a very unique way when I played it: touching my soul and inspiring me to dedicate my career to this instrument, with the dream of showing all the possibilities of my instrument and building a community to carry it into the future.

World Music
The pan flute has been an important instrument of world music for centuries, in cultures where music notation was not as important as it is in the west, and oral transmission of music is, therefore, a large part in the teaching of the instrument.

Learning by Ear
My teaching style balances this 'learning by ear' with more notation-oriented approaches depending on your needs, desires, and abilities to equip them for the types and styles of music you wish to play.

My style is based on demonstration, involving you in the process of understanding the techniques of the instrument, as well as the reasons behind certain musical styles, in order to achieve confidence and a better interpretation.

Private Lessons
Enjoy personalized learning, combining the existing material that I have, such as pan flute methods, pieces, and some fun exercises with musical inspiration. At the beginning of each class, we do ear training exercises to stimulate your attention using game-based learning.

Learning Materials
The methods I recommend are 'Complete Pan Flute Book' by Costel Puscoiu and my own methods and repertoire books I wrote to supplement my Master's work.

Beginner lessons offer basic techniques of the instrument such as posture, breathing, articulation, left-right movement, and your first wonderful easy tunes!

As you progress through the pan flute lessons, we will be exploring different techniques, rhythms, improvisation, and building up repertoire based on your wishes.

Group Lessons - Ensemble
Playing music in an ensemble is a very important step in becoming a better musician and is also fun! Let's enjoy various music styles for pan flute ensembles and have group lessons for pieces and techniques.

Any type of music will be possible, from folk music to famous classical pieces, contemporary music, and improvisation.

Music Theory
When it comes to reading scores and learning music fast, the theoretical part of music plays a huge role. To get a better understanding of the music, the lessons may offer solfege, rhythm, and harmony. You will be learning the theoretical part in order to become a better musician, able to analyze, harmonize, improvise and compose.

Teaching Locations
The lessons will be held at my studio in Amsterdam Noord (6 minutes with the metro from Amsterdam Centraal Station) or at your location as well as online.

Online Lessons
Online lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced players are available!

About Me
I am a pan flute player based in Amsterdam. I completed my studies in the Conservatorium van Amsterdam in 2020 with a Masters's Degree and I'm currently the only player to hold a Masters's pan flute performance. Among my awards are the Maria Tanase, the Mamaia Music Festival award, and first place at the Pan flute Competition, the Netherlands, as well as a 2016 special prize at the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest for leading Romanian students abroad in the field of the arts.

My performances have ranged from electronic music festivals (UNTOLD Festival in Cluj Napoca,2015-2017), classical/contemporary music (Grachten Festival, Vondelpark Festival, UitmarktFestival, Prix Annelie de Man, Gaudeamus Festival, Romanian Days in De Hoge Veluwe.), to early music and I played jazz/folk with Cununa Ensemble. I am gifted as an improviser and my performances have taken me across Europe and the USA where I was awarded honorary citizenship of the city of Jacksonville, Arkansas, and had my Carnegie Hall debut. I released several albums with the Italian label MAP from Milan.

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