Lucas M.

Bevoegd docent in Saxofoon, Saxophone, Drums, Piano

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Bevoegd docent in Saxofoon, Saxophone, Drums, Piano

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Over Lucas M.

My first encounter with music was when I was 3 years old. Between singing, playing and finding out the keyword to enter my classroom, I've learnt about rhythm, songs and chords. Back home, among my family, I grew up surrounded by musicians. My mother is a piano player, my father a drummer, my uncle a guitar player and my grandfather was a multi-instrumentalist. Music has been part of my life since I can remember. From piano to drums and later on to sax, I've found my own voice.

Nowadays, under the same spirit and joy that I've experienced when I was little, I try to teach my students how to find their own. I believe that no matter at what age you start in order to study music, you need to be patient and find the playfulness of the instrument. I often improvise a class according to the age and level of a student. I develop a personalized method focused on the relationship voice – instrument. You don’t need to know how to sing. The simple act of singing and memorizing a song helps us to understand our body. Its rhythm, breathe and ability to listen, brings us the right posture to embrace an instrument. Later on, as the student develops, I provide exercises for technique building, scales and music theory that will be part of home studying. The goal is to help the student to achieve a level of improvisation and fulfillment. For that matter, I find it crucial that the person decides what kind of music they would like to learn. I am very open minded to all kinds of music and I am always looking forward to learn and discover new music.

To have an overall idea of how an hour class could look like:
- 10 minutes of warming up and technic (instrumental technic, hand positioning and air/sound projection);
- 10 min of music theory (theory and sight reading);
- 10 min of ear training (relationship between notes and sounds);
- 25 min of learning a song (transcription and memorize);
- 5 to 10 min of reflection over the class.

Aside from teaching, I’ve performed at festivals and clubs around Europe and the United States. I've recorded albums as a sideman and during the last 5 years I've been working on my own project. Lucas Martínez Project started in Amsterdam and so far held me to the finals of the Keep An Eye Jazz Competition (2018), Semifinal of the Dutch Jazz Competition (2018), and made me able to win the Incentive Price at the semifinals of the Keep An Eye Jazz Competition (2017). With this band and together with the Fresh Sound New Talent Label, I've recorded my upcoming album End of a Cycle and my previous one Lights & Shadows.

Come and enjoy the perks of becoming a musician. Hopefully one day you will record your own sound! I hope to see you at the trial lesson!

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