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Over Lorenzo

Hey there!

I'm Lorenzo and I'm a professional musician. I started playing bass when I was 13 and I haven't stopped ever since! I got my first degree in Pop music at an institution in my hometown in Italy when I was 18. From there, the real fun began: I moved to Milan and then to Amsterdam to pursue my jazz studies. Here in the Netherlands, I got my Master's degree in Jazz Double bass at the prestigious Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

I'm extremely passionate about what I do and I would love to share my passion with you!

The same way I play my heart out for the listeners, I like to put a lot of effort in my lessons. I believe music should be fun all around, whether to play or to learn. That's why I like to make it centered around the you! I want to know what you like, what kind of music you'd like to play and from there I like to think of a method that would suit you perfectly and introduce the various music concepts in a practical way through the songs you love.

I'm of the idea that: If you just can't take your focus off the bass when you're listening to music.. well:
You're already learning.
I can guide your curiosity through the discovery of the various bass techniques, we can work together using the music of the artists you love to walk our way in the realm of the Low Tones.

Didn't you always want to meet up with those friends of yours and play those songs, you all love?
That amazing bass riff from Muse, that lovely song from Coldplay, or super cool funky Bruno Mars.

Or maybe you dream of the warm cuddly sound of the double bass, playing with the bow, and feel the vibration of the Wood. Playing some Jazz, along with Miles Davis or John Coltrane.

We will work together to find what best suits you.
I like to plan my lessons weekly and I can give different packages of lessons.
You might want to schedule every time differently, or maybe you'd like to purchase a pack of 5 lessons.

These are all available options! Let's get started and let yourself be part of the music!

P.S.: (For fearless only) I will teach also the secret art of: “Riding a bike while carrying your bass without getting killed”.

Aanbevelingen van Lorenzo

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Bart V. O.

Aangemaakt op 02/12/22

De lessen bij Lorenzo zijn aangenaam en ontzettend leerzaam. In de tijd dat ik bij Lorenzo lessen heb gevolgd heb ik veel meer geleerd over mijn instrument. Niet alleen weet Lorenzo het instrument te beschrijven en uit te leggen op een enthousiaste manier, maar ook muziek theorie wordt interessant bijgebracht. Zo heb ik alles geleerd over waarom ritme belangrijk is, hoe je moet muziek kan transcriberen op gehoor, hoe toonsoorten werken etc. Persoonlijk raad ik de lessen aan iedereen aan die meer zou willen leren over zijn instrument en over wat muziek is en hoe je dat kan verwoorden in tonen.

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Gespecialiseerd in Jazz, Pop, Soul en Latin Geeft les in het Nederlands, Engels en Italiaans Geeft les in contrabas aan tieners, Piano vanaf 6 jaar en Basgitaar vanaf 8 jaar Geeft les in contrabas aan tieners, Piano vanaf 6 jaar en Basgitaar vanaf 8 jaar Geeft les in contrabas aan tieners, Piano vanaf 6 jaar en Basgitaar vanaf 8 jaar

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Reactietijd 3 uur. en 7 min.


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Reactietijd 3 uur. en 7 min.

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