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My name is Julia and I am a violist.
I did my studies in Barcelona and my master at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague.
I teach violin and piano for beginners, viola for all levels. 
I am a patient teacher and I am very excited to share the knowledge I have with you!

Teaching method for children:

For children starting violin or viola, I have a nice method in which they relate the strings with colours, it is called the colour strings.
This technique is really good for them to relate colours instead of notes, when starting playing an instrument, in order to have a good left and right position of the instrument, so they do not get “bored”with lots of notes, and makes more easy later to focus on the notes, once they are a bit more old.

Body position:
I also like to teach adults and more tough repertoire.
I identify myself as a very musical person, and sometimes picky into the details.
For years I have been investigating the body position while playing an instrument, which I think is very important in order to release tension in the muscles and feel more free with the instrument.
I developed different techniques to make the student feel more free when playing so that does not interfere on their performance.
Therefore, the exercises are different for children than for adults.
I always recommend to practice them at home, so we can focus on the lesson.


I like to improvise in the lessons, in order to help the musician to externalize emotions, feelings, and to learn how to reproduce in our instrument the melodies coming to our minds.
A way to train our ears and our muscle memory.

About me:

I love to play and to teach my instrument. I play in different Orchestras in Europa, I am a fix member of the European Philharmonic of Switzerland and I played with the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra for several years, in the Netherlands I am a member of the Libero Strijkorkest.
I play classical chamber music of different musical formations and I improvise in contemporary music with body movement with my group called Serendipia.
I like to perform as a classical musician and also as a contemporary improviser, as you can see in the video on my profile.

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