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Gitaar, Elektrische gitaar, Piano, Ritme, Gehoorleer, Jazzcombo, Muziektheorie
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Over Joan F. N.

If you’re passionate about music and would like to develop musical skills of your own, I can help.
My name is Joan, and I am a graduate musician who can teach students of all levels.

With ten years of experience in studying, practicing, and playing, I have come to the conclusion that the best way to learn music is to develop your musical ear.
This is done by the process of transcribing and singing. I believe that music is like speaking a language so I start with teaching you how to connect your voice to your instrument.

Besides my career as a live music performer, I have got 4 years of experience giving music lessons to my
students. I can teach guitar, harmony, ear & rhythmic training, jazz language, repertoire.
All kinds of levels: from those who want to prepare auditions for the Bachelor in Music Performance and become professional musicians, to those who want to achieve a more basic or beginner level. I can also teach jazz piano and jazz bass for beginners.

Some topics that I cover are, jazz and modern guitar, music theory, jazz improvisation and theory (any instrument), ear training, and jazz/pop/hip-hop composition and arrangement. I can also teach piano for beginners. I cover a range of styles from jazz to other modern styles like Bossa Nova, Samba, Funk, Rock, and Groove music.

In accordance with your rhythm in the learning process, I will introduce you to harmony, teach you how to read music, and how to compose your own melodies and improvise.

About me
I was born in Catalunya, Spain, and at 4 years old I started to study classical guitar. At the age of 10, I became interested in modern music and jazz. Currently, I am based in Amsterdam
and Philadelphia, where I study for the Master's Degree at the CvA (Conservatorium van Amsterdam)
and Temple University.
Prior to this, I studied for my bachelor in Barcelona at ESMUC (Escola Superior de
M sica de Catalunya).

Beside teaching, I am currently leading and working as a sideman in some bands such as Eladio Reinón & Joan Fort Quartet,
Magalí Datzira & Joan Fort duo, Rita Payés & Joan Fort duo, LINE UP Quintet, Mar Vilaseca Group, etc; and
leading his own band: Joan Fort Quartet.

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