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Gitaar, Gitaar, Elektrische gitaar, Elektrische gitaar, Ableton Live, Songwriting, Muziektheorie

Over James

Hi, I’m James, a 28-year old electric guitarist and composer based in Den Haag.
I teach the electric guitar in combination with music theory, composition / songwriting and use of technology in performance (including effects pedals and the use of software such as Ableton Live).
I teach in English and in Greek.
I also teach acoustic guitar and bass guitar and beginner keyboard skills alongside the aforementioned topics, or give lessons exclusively on theory / composition / use of technology in music without the guitar.

I grew up in Greece to a Greek father and Scottish mother, and I have lived in the UK and the U.S.A.
I have been living in Holland for the last 4 years.
I have moved between several different countries and explored many different types of music-making.
This allows me to bring a wide range of experiences to the lessons, outside of just teaching a single topic from a single perspective.

As today’s world is one where culture and music are made up of many influences from many different places, I find this to be the most healthy approach to teaching, and one which my most inspiring teachers always brought to me as a student
I offer lessons in all styles, to all age groups, and for any experience level (ranging from students who have never touched a guitar before, up to advanced players who are looking for new challenges). Lessons are catered to the taste, interest and experience levels of each individual student.

I teach face to face and / or online – with students that I usually meet in person we move the lessons online when Covid numbers become problematic and require more social distancing.

Aanbevelingen van James

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Matthijs V.

Aangemaakt op 14/12/22

Before I started my lessons with James over a year ago, I had the basic knowledge of how scales worked and other basic guitar theory. I wanted to be able to improvise on top of blues backing tracks. Even though I knew the minor pentatonic, I found myself simply going up and down the scales without being able to produce the phrases and licks I wanted. Mere theory wasn't going to help me here. James' lessons have helped me to understand how my favourite artists approach their solos through a more in depth understanding of the way all the different notes and chords interact with each other in order to actually make music myself. Now I don't simply memorize and replay existing riffs, I make my own. If, like me, you felt stuck in your development as a guitar player, then I believe James will be able to get you back on track depending on what your own goals are. I would highly recommend James to anyone who wants to take his guitar playing to the next level!

Eduard G. F. A.

Aangemaakt op 03/12/22

Really positive about first lesson. Structured teaching approach, and tailored to what the student wants to learn.

Thijs T. V.

Aangemaakt op 28/07/21

James is an excellent teacher and really caters his lessons to what you want to learn. I've been playing guitar for a number of years now but never had lessons, and the theory I'm learning from James makes it feel like picking up the instrument for the first time - in a good way! Theory exercises are presented in a musical way which makes them a lot of fun and James is an inspiring musician in his own right. Wish I would have signed up for lessons with James earlier! 10/10.

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