Irene S. M.

Bevoegd docent in blokfluit, zang, klassieke zang
Vanaf 16,80 EUR / 30 min. exclusief BTW

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1094HS Amsterdam

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1019 BM Amsterdam

Vanaf 16,80 EUR / 30 min. exclusief BTW

De prijs is inclusief 20% korting op een strippenkaart.

Over Irene S. M.

1) During my first lesson I usually spend some time talking. I like to know what is the student's connection to music, what does he/she like to listen to as well as his/her interest in learning music theory, reading and improvisation.
This way I can adapt to their needs accordingly.

After that I bring a short song/piece. Ideally I already know the level of the student in general terms, but if I do not know this I choose a song which is easy enough for a beginner, but which can also be the starting point for more advanced music making if the student finds it easy.

Usually this song/piece brings up key topics about the technique of my instrument/voice, for example: how does breathing work, what is the range of the student, how to articulate on the recorder etc. I finish the lesson with a suggested homework for the week, I choose something from what we learned in the lesson that takes just 5 minutes a day practice.

2) In order to motivate the students to practice regularly I explain that learning an instrument or developing ones voice is like sports: regular practice, even if it is very short, makes us progress much faster that long practice once in a while. I also design the homework in a way that it balances new material which can encourage self-exploration and already mastered material.

This way the student can enter a certain flow in their daily practice. I try to ensure that the homework is an active an inspiring part of the next lesson, so that they experience the benefits of practicing.


Onze manier van lesgeven is flexibel. Zo kun je o.a. zowel wekelijks als sporadisch lessen inplannen met jouw docent.

Hoge kwaliteit

Muziekonderwijs werkt alleen met muzikanten die een Conservatorium of muziekopleiding hebben afgerond óf die deze opleiding nog volgen.

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Een les kun je afspreken met je docent via je inbox. De docent zet de afgesproken les vervolgens in je agenda en daarna kun je betalen via de link op je dashboard!

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