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Creative Coding | Sound Design | Composing Electronic Music.

Using the open source software SuperCollider we will dive into a world of signal processing, sound analysis, and interactive interfaces, while learning the basic principles of computer programming.

The course is aimed for experienced musicians as well as for beginners, and is suitable for young students (ages 12+) and adults. Whether you are interested in composing and producing your own music ā€“ in any genre or style ā€“ or in performance and improvisation, while learning basic computer coding skills, Iā€™d be happy to share with you my experience.

All you need is a computer and your headphones! You will be able to create sounds and compose music from the very first moment, while expanding your knowledge and creativity from lesson to lesson. The course is ideal also for online teaching: sharing sound and images alongside video tutoring and screen-sharing.

I am a professional composer, performer and a sound artist (PhD). I have years of experience teaching music individually and in groups. Feel free to contact me for any questions, or to schedule an introduction lesson ā€“ online or at my studio.


Vanaf 24,00 EUR / 30 min.

De prijs is inclusief 20% korting op een strippenkaart.

Geeft les:

Elektronische muziek, Muziekproductie, Composition, Bass guitar, E-music







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