Héctor H.

Geeft les in het Engels en Spaans
In bezit van een VOG (Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag)
Helps prepare for conservatory entrance exam
Bevoegd docent in cello, muziektheorie, kamermuziek
Vanaf 19,20 EUR / 30 min. exclusief BTW

De prijs is inclusief 20% korting op een cursus.

Reageert in 9 uur. en 4 min.



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3582AP Utrecht

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0 - 8 EUR

Vanaf 19,20 EUR / 30 min. exclusief BTW

De prijs is inclusief 20% korting op een cursus.

Reageert in 9 uur. en 4 min.

Over Héctor H.

Hello, I am Héctor, a Spanish cellist from Granada, based in Utrecht to develop my professional career internationally.
Since I was born, my father always played music in the house and he made me discover and love the beauty of the music.
My father is a musician as well and also a luthier, and I am very lucky to have a cello made by him!

I started my musical studies with the violin when I was 7 years old.
At the age of 15 I entered the Conservatorio Profesional Ángel Barrios in Granada, where I took lessons from Alberto Martos, Jeremías Sanz Ablanedo and Óscar Faus.

Later in my life, in my learning process with music, I began to realize how important it was for my own development to understand how to teach what one already knew.
So, for about 6 years I started teaching cello and chamber music to other students, so that I discovered the interesting world of teaching as well. 

For me, a good teacher is one who understands that music is a form of art, and a very special and vocational discipline, and therefore needs a very personal treatment!
A good teacher is one who understands the needs and peculiarities of each student, and that teaching music should be something passionate and fun, and therefore adjusts each of the lessons with this in mind, to make each of the lessons a genuine experience for the student.

Currently, I am studying my master's degree in interpretation of the violoncello at the HKU Utrecht Conservatory, in modern and baroque cello specialty, and play a cello Francisco Hervás of 2018.
As a musician, my professional activity has led me to give very different and interesting performances, as participating in competitions, performing as a soloist, or playing in big halls.

I hope to see you for a lesson and enjoy together the wonderful world of the cello!


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