Giovanni C.

Bevoegd docent in Saxofoon, Saxophone, Dwarsfluit, Gehoorleer, Harmony, Flute, Ear training, Solfège

Bevoegd docent in Saxofoon, Saxophone, Dwarsfluit, Gehoorleer, Harmony, Flute, Ear training, Solfège

Vanaf 17,00 euro per 30 min. exclusief BTW


De prijs is inclusief 15% korting op een seizoensplan.


Bij docent:
1061HC Amsterdam-West

Bij leerling

In repetitieruimte:
1033 WB Amsterdam-Noord

Over Giovanni C.

I am a professional jazz saxophonist based in Amsterdam, musically active with different bands in Europe.

To me music is a universal language to connect with all kinds of people, it teaches how to listen and it develops your spontaneity, it is a path of self improvement and personal growth.

When I teach individual lessons, I really want to connect with my student and find what he/she likes and looks for in music. In this way, I can direct the lessons towards the student’s needs and goals.

At first we will work on saxophone’ s basics and fundaments of music (sound production, technique, rhythm, theory, ear training, learning songs by ear).
From an early stage on, I will encourage you to bring the music that you like, and apply the material to the songs you want to learn: improvements come faster when you love your subject!
Once the basics will be set, we will work on different approaches to improvise, compose your own pieces and bring it to the next level.

I play and listen to a great variety of music and I include all sorts of influences in my music, when I practice, when I compose and when I play with other people.

I would recommend courses of 10 or 20 lessons to set a goal together and make a program spread over time, according to your available practicing time.

I got my master degree studying in the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and Temple University in Philadelphia, my bachelor in jazz at the University of Arts in Graz, Austria. In the last years, I have been performing in many festivals and club around Europe and the U.S. North Sea Jazz Festival (NL) Dizzy’ s Jazz at the Lincon Center (NY, USA) Club, Brosella Jazz Fest (BE), etc.. and I am about to release my second album as a leader, currently I am performing with my own band in the Netherlands.

See you at your trial lesson!

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