Bevoegd docent in Drums, Percussion, Percussie, Vibrafoon, Piano, Muziektheorie, Conga's, Klein Percussie, Cajon, Vibraphone, Congas, Music Theory

Bevoegd docent in Drums, Percussion, Percussie, Vibrafoon, Piano, Muziektheorie, Conga's, Klein Percussie, Cajon, Vibraphone, Congas, Music Theory

Vanaf 17,00 euro per 30 min. exclusief BTW


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Over Nano

Music is language, and like any other language, every human being is built for it. It is as old as speech itself. Everybody can enjoy listening to music, therefore, everybody can enjoy playing music. This is what I love about music and what I try to keep in mind all the time whenever I perform, teach or create.

I've been uninterruptedly studying in music schools and conservatories since I was 5 (that makes a total of 24 years) and this has given me a huge insight into good and bad practices when teaching and a great interest in the learning process. I believe that learning in every aspect should be always enjoyable and in the case of music even more. I always try to engage intuition and the communicative power of playing music, which is immense, no matter the level. The idea is that the student learns from the very beginning to play directly from his inner voice rather than just mechanically or by sheer memory, allowing for maximum expression and creativity regardless of the style.

As a kid, I began my musical journey as a classical percussionist which led me very soon to playing drums and Latin percussion as well. After acquiring my diploma I focused myself on Jazz and improvisation playing vibraphone and drums. I came to Den Haag in 2014 to study at the Royal Conservatory with Miro Herak (vibraphone), Eric Ineke, Wolfert Brederode (improvisation and ensemble playing), Eric Gieben and Bob Wijnen (piano), among others, and after graduating I changed to Codarts in Rotterdam, where I'm currently doing a Master's degree having lessons with Nils Fischer (Afro-Cuban percussion), Miro Herak (vibraphone) and Henri Tournier (Indian Raga). At the same time I'm involved in various projects such as SWART., playing vibraphone, and MAMIHLAPINATAPAI, playing percussion at bigger venues and festivals all over the Netherlands (Zwarte Cross, Madness, Westerpop, Into the Woods).

Music is a wonderful journey of never-ending discovery that we get to share with others and I'm looking forward to meeting you on the way. See you at the trial lesson!

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