Federica B.

Geeft les in het Engels, Spaans en Italiaans
Bevoegd docent in drums, muziektheorie, slagwerk, muziektheorie
Vanaf 19,20 EUR / 30 min. exclusief BTW

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3023el Rotterdam

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Geeft les in het Engels, Spaans en Italiaans
Vanaf 19,20 EUR / 30 min. exclusief BTW

De prijs is inclusief 20% korting op een strippenkaart.

Over Federica B.

My name is Federica Bernabei and I am a drum teacher. I graduated in Jazz and Percussion Drums at the Licinio Refice Conservatory of Music in Italy (Bachelor’s degree) and in Rotterdam, I continued my musical studies obtaining the Master of Music at Codarts.

Today I am attending a PhD in Music and Musicology, with a specialization in Performance, at the University of Évora (Pt) where I am carrying on a thesis concerning the rhythmic crossover between drums and tabla encountering rhythmic and melodic elements that can be translated into Jazz and Mpb music.

Thanks to the teaching experience gained over the years, I realized that I like to share my knowledge with others and I also like to work in a group.

I firmly believe that sharing is important for everyone’s education. During my teaching process, I have had (and still have) gained experience in teaching adults and children, helping them understand how music and drums work in a fun and enthusiastic way.

I teach in Italian, English and Spanish.

What to expect from the lessons:
The study plan will be rigorously customized according to the student’s needs.

During the lessons, we will address various topics in analysis such as the writing of drum music to give you the right tools to transcribe and play the songs you would like to learn. Thus, I love to introduce you to both sides of music: the theoretical and the practical one.

Our first lesson will start by introducing you directly to playing the whole drumset and learning the essential basic drum techniques, basic rhythms and fills, to let you be able to play your favourite songs!!

We will learn different musical genres such as Jazz, Brazilian, Pop, Blues, Rock and Funk, adapting to your needs.
We will also pay attention to the study of technique and rhythmic exercises. Everything, step by step.

Drum lessons for children:
Playfully, children learn to read and play notes starting from rhythmic games played on different instruments, allowing the child to develop and stimulate her creativity.

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Geeft les in het Engels, Spaans en Italiaans


Onze manier van lesgeven is flexibel. Zo kun je o.a. zowel wekelijks als sporadisch lessen inplannen met jouw docent.

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