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“Don't play the saxophone. Let it play you.” -Charlie Parker

Everyone of us has is own musicality, we have just to let her come out.

The goal of my lesson is to let you discover how much fun and passion music can gives.

During my old Italian life in Verona (IT) I graduated in classical saxophone in 2017 and started to teach Saxophone in the Lizard Music Academy of Garda (IT) and introductory music for children in the Primary and Middle school. Years later the irrepressible desire to go deeper into the fascinating world of improvisation took me back in school, precisely in Codarts (Rotterdam Conservatorium) where I'm studying jazz and Latin Music.

Music has no age: you're never too young or too old to tell yourself through a musical instrument.

If you love and recognize yourself in the warm sound of the saxophone then what are you waiting for!?

Let's start this wonderful Music journey Together :)

“Whatever you think can't be done, somebody will come along and do it.” – Thelonious Monk

To learn how to transfer your musical ideas into the saxophone is required a total connection between your body and your mind with the horn. That's why for the first part of every lesson will be focused on the Sound and the saxophone technique.

You need to learn how to build your own saxophone tone and how to sing into the instrument.

This process can take some weeks for really beginners but it'll show you how the musical practice can positive effect your all body and emotions, as well as your creativity.

In order to make your music journey more fun and personal my lessons will be based on your music interests and purpose (learn how to read music, improvisation ecc…)

During this journey together we'll build your own repertoire of songs that most represent you, which we'll dedicate the second part of the lesson.

For those who wants to go deeper into the world of saxophone I'll organize some special 'listening section' focus on the the role of Saxophone in the music history and in the different kind of music. From the classical repertoire (Gershwin, Bizet, Milhaud, Rota, Bernstein, Steve Reich, Michael Nyman…) passing through the more popular: Blues, Jazz (Stan Getz, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderly, Sonny Rollins…), latin , rock&roll, Pop until nowadays.


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Gespecialiseerd in jazz en improvisatie Gespecialiseerd in Klassieke Muziek Afgestudeerd aan het conservatorium (Master)

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Reactietijd 18 uur. en 11 min.


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Reactietijd 18 uur. en 11 min.

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