Emma G.

Bevoegd docent in: Muziektheorie, Zang, Vocals, Singing, Music Theory

Biedt ook online lessen aan.
Teaching in English and Greek

Bevoegd docent in: Muziektheorie, Zang, Vocals, Singing, Music Theory

Biedt ook online lessen aan.
Teaching in English and Greek
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6811 ED ARNHEM Arnhem

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Biedt ook online lessen aan.
Teaching in English and Greek

Over Emma G.

Dag! I welcome you to my page!
You have the opportunity to go on a journey of voice exploration with me. Singing, performing and teaching are three things that I love. The curiosity about music was in me as a child, and it never went away. Being a vocalist, in my opinion, is not just about technique and presentation; it is also about emotional and physical healing and well-being.

Sharing is caring; and there is nothing more precious that seeing progress in yourself and in others. I will help you find your sound using the method that fits you best. Some of us would go for a more deep, rounder sound while some others would like to sing more bright and airy. A typical class would begin with a small warm-up, a stretch and checking in with the voice. Then, we would take one or two songs to work on each class, seeing which points we want to keep and which points we would like to change. That would give us more ideas technically and stylistically. The last part of the class is to unwind, have some conversation and maybe drink something. The main genres I teach: jazz/blues, pop, R’nB.

As a vocalist, I have performed all across various venues in Greece, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Canada and am on the third year of conservatory studies in the Netherlands, as well as being in a neo-soul/hip-hop band in Cologne, Germany. I have worked with producers and could assist you stylistically. Songwriting and composing are two things that are very healing to me. My teaching experience stems from people that come from all sorts of different backgrounds and places. Looking forward to meeting you!

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Emma Galanaki

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    • We bieden nu online lessen aan, waar je thuis een instrument kunt leren spelen met de beste muziekdocenten in Nederland.
    • We hebben een digitaal systeem gebouwd dat perfecte video- en audiokwaliteit biedt, zodat je het meeste uit je lessen kunt halen.
    • Begin vandaag door een bericht te sturen naar onze docent Emma G.

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Onze manier van lesgeven is flexibel. Zo kun je o.a. zowel wekelijks als sporadisch lessen inplannen met jouw docent.

Hoge kwaliteit

Heeft alleen docenten met een relevante opleiding (bv. Conservatorium), ervaring en, waar nodig, een VOG.

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Wij hebben een slim en makkelijk proces ontwikkeld voor het afspreken van lessen met jouw docent. Betaling zowel afspreken in de chat is allemaal online en via je telefoon te doen.

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