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Piano, Hobo, Muziektheorie, Muziek voor kleuters
Online. Utrecht. Bij leerling.
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Over Elsa A.

I am Elsa, a Greek musician living in Utrecht.
For the last 5 years I am teaching piano, oboe, music theory and music lessons for toddlers. 
I am also working at the Greek School of Utrecht doing Music for Toddlers (age 2-4).
I have arranged concerts for kids with great success!
What I like about music is how it teaches people not only the ability to play a musical instrument or to understand Bach, but also to express and believe in themselves!
I also love teaching, as I learn so many from my students and I see how music helps them improve in every aspect of their life.
Teaching helps me to stay creative!

About my Lessons:
Every student is different, with different background, needs, likes and expectations.
As a teacher I want to spent time understanding what a student likes, what kind of music he listens at home, what are his expectations in the coming years regarding playing etc.
Then I create a schedule and follow the proper method that will bring each student to his/her own goals.
That way we can always have the best results! :)
Furthermore, I will make sure every lesson a creative and fun way of learning!

About me:
I realized I love music when I was 5 years old while visiting the Greek National Opera.
I was mesmerized by the view and sound of a grand piano.
Thanks to my parents, I was able to have a piano at home and so the music education began!
The same year I started playing the piano.
My first opportunities to perform for public where of course the school’s feasts!
At the age of 12 I got accepted at the High School Musical of Athens where I spent 6 years full of music playing and theory.
My music education included piano, oboe, music theory, byzantine music and choir singing.
For the same period I was a member in two famous Children Choirs in Athens participating in many concerts and cd recordings.
During these years I found my true love for music and especially oboe!
When I turned 13 I heard the oboe for the first time in solo concert. I liked it so much that I started lessons directly.
I feel really blessed that I was able to spent time learning two instruments. I find that music playing gives a unique feeling.

About my Music Studies:
On 2008 I started the distance music educational system of Thames Valley University for both oboe playing and music theory.
I acquired the final diploma “Licentiate of the London College of Music” in oboe performance in 2013.

I moved to the Netherlands in 2013. I spent 3 years at HKU Conservatory of Utrecht where I studied oboe, theory and music pedagogy.
The last years of my studies I spent them at ArtEZ Conservatory of Zwolle. As a student of ArtEZ Conservatory I participated in many orchestra and ensemble
works for both classical and contemporary music.
Since 2017 I am also studying Baroque oboe.

Music can bring people together and express feelings when words are not enough.
I am looking forward to meet you, teach you and guide you through this magical journey of Music learning!

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Aanbevelingen van Elsa A. 5

Nicolien D.

Aangemaakt op 28/12/21

Elsa is een geweldige lerares met steeds leuke nieuwe ideeën om het oefenen tot een feest te maken. Ik heb in korte tijd heel veel geleerd.

Fabian L.

Aangemaakt op 19/01/22

Elsa is een hele goede en geduldige piano docent voor mijn (soms wat drukke) dochter van 4 jaar, en zij gaat er altijd met veel plezier heen

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