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Over Davide

My name is Davide and my music experience started when I was 10 years old during my middle school in Italy.
I started playing cello and I kept on studying classical music for 8 years, performing as a soloist and in many orchestras and ensambles.
In the meanwhile I started being interested in electronic music and composition for soundtracks.

When I turned 17 I realized that music would have been my passion and my job. I graduated in “Contemporary Writing and Production” in Pescara Conservatory in Italy. During these studies I dove deeper into Pop and Experimental Electronic Music, orchestration and orchestral composition. I also had the opportunity to play in different bands and discover different genres such as Post Rock, Progressive Metal and Heavy Metal.
After my bachelor degree, I finished my studies following a Master program at Codarts (Rotterdam) in Creative Production. During those two years I had the opportunity to collaborate with many people and explore different kind of music (Turkish, Flamenco, Jazz etc.). I wrote an Artistic Research about electronic unquantized music by analyzing the sound of producers such as Flume, Burial and Arca.

Now that my studies are finished I feel that I want to spread my knowledge and my passion to many people as possible.
My class subjects are:
- Music Production (from beginners to expert level, mainly Ableton Live and Pro Tools classes)
- Cello Lessons (from beginners to intermediate level)
- Music Theory (from beginners to expert level)
- Composition and Orchestration (explore the world and joy of composing for an orchestra and how to use your DAW as a real symphonic orchestra).

As a Producer I want to let the student feel completely free to ask me whatever he/she wants. I have had many experiences as a producer and I know how to handle many different genres.
My first teaching experience was at 17 years old and from that moment on I did not change my teaching set-up.
I want the lesson to be an interactive moment in which the teacher and the student are sharing ideas and opinions.

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Reactietijd Responstijd is 100+ hours

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