David S. P.

Geeft les in het Engels en Spaans
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Bevoegd docent in viool, viool, altviool, altviool
Vanaf 14,00 EUR / 30 min. exclusief BTW

De prijs is inclusief 20% korting op een strippenkaart.

Reageert in 42 uur. en 29 min.



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8012TW Zwolle

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0 - 8 EUR

Vanaf 14,00 EUR / 30 min. exclusief BTW

De prijs is inclusief 20% korting op een strippenkaart.

Reageert in 42 uur. en 29 min.

Over David S. P.

Would you like to discover the wonderful world of violin/viola playing?
Or are you an experienced student and would you like to take an exam for the Conservatory?

My name is David and I am a Spanish violin and viola player.
After finishing my violin studies in Spain, I moved to the Netherlands to study my Master Degree at ArtEZ Conservatorium in Zwolle, where I live at the moment.
Currently, I am member of the Libero Strijkorkest, Cuarteto Aguamarina and Zobel Quintet, and I combine performing and teaching with studying viola.

In my lessons, I will provide you the tools to develop a healthy, solid and beautiful playing, and of course, there will always be a lot of fun! I am a classically trained musician, but I enjoy all kinds of music and I can teach you very different styles, always attending to the students' desires.
My lessons can be in Dutch, English or Spanish, although I also speak a bit of French. I combine different methods in my teaching, like Suzuki and Rolland, and of course I am very flexible to adapt to every student.

I believe that art, and especially music, are necessary in our society. In a world dominated by technology, and which is getting colder, more selfish and more superficial, music helps us stay human.
Music creates a special connection amongst people, no matter what their nationalities, ethnicity or believes are, and that is very beautiful, moreover in the actual times.
I am very passionate about music, and I try to share that passion in every concert/lesson I give.
I love working with all kind of students, no matter the age or the level.

I am looking forward to meeting you for a trial lesson! 🙂


Onze manier van lesgeven is flexibel. Zo kun je o.a. zowel wekelijks als sporadisch lessen inplannen met jouw docent.

Hoge kwaliteit

Muziekonderwijs werkt alleen met muzikanten die een Conservatorium of muziekopleiding hebben afgerond óf die deze opleiding nog volgen.

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Een les kun je afspreken met je docent via je inbox. De docent zet de afgesproken les vervolgens in je agenda en daarna kun je betalen via de link op je dashboard!

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