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Muziekproductie, Compositie, Elektronische muziek

Over Carmen

Hello, I am Carmen, and I offer one-on-one music production lessons online or at my music studio in Leiden. From beginners to more experienced musicians, my aim is to help you develop your creativity and technical skills in the art of music creation. As a teacher, I want to elevate your knowledge and expertise in achieving your own musical vision. I appreciate all musical genres, even those that still don’t exist!

Music Theory: Notes and rhythm
If you want to learn the rudiments of music notation, you will be introduced to scales, tonal systems, and time signatures. This is a very useful skill in your music production toolset.
Composition: Conceiving a piece of music from start to finish
Using your own musical interests and current level of experience, we will delve into the building blocks of composition such as form, harmony, rhythm, melody, and arrangement.
Sound design: Creating your sonic identity
With digital methods such as synthesis, sampling, recording, and sound processing, you will learn tools to craft and sculpt your own sounds. All you need is a computer and headphones.
Mixing: Conveying your ideas with skill
Mixing is an essential step of the music production process. Get creative with the manipulation of frequency, dynamics, stereo field, and spatial depth in order to enhance your musical ideas.
DIY Mastering: Preparing your music for distribution
Do you already have a completed track? Apply the final touches and release it on your favorite digital platform.

I am a Quebec-born producer and composer, currently based in the Netherlands. I use a range of synths and acoustic instruments to create intimate and eccentric sonic sculptures that extend across audio and visual realms.

First having completed my Bachelor's degree in Composition at the Conservatory of Montreal, I have pursued a Master's Degree at the Conservatory of Amsterdam with the support of the Fonds de recherche québécois en sciences humaines et culture. As a resident composer, my work has been performed by various chamber music ensembles in Canada and in the Netherlands. Most recently, I have performed electronic sets at Dutch festivals such as Rewire and Gaudeamus and am focusing on an electronic album to be released with Orange Milk Records.

My work has received support from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, and the SOCAN Foundation and has also received recognition from four SOCAN's Young Composers Awards.

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