Alkistis L.

Bevoegd docent in Zang, Vocals, Piano, Solfège, Muziektheorie, Singing, Music Theory, Notenleer

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Bevoegd docent in Zang, Vocals, Piano, Solfège, Muziektheorie, Singing, Music Theory, Notenleer

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Over Alkistis L.

Singing/Piano & Music theory Lessons -¨The only thing better than singing is more singing¨ - Ella Fitzgerald.
Do you want to learn how to sing your favourite music? Do you want to learn how to play the piano and understand the music theory?

Singing lessons

Alkistis loves to teach and explore the voice and musicality of every unique person. Her goal is to show the way to her students how to develop a healthy way of singing, bring out all the possibilities of the voice, extend the range and explore the colours. The most important is to enjoy music and singing and through exploration find the direction that they want. Alkistis is specialized in Jazz Singing but also in other styles of modern music like pop/rock/soul and Greek music.

The lessons are containing:
• Vocal technique (breath support/posture/range/intonation/sound colours/pronunciation/articulation/CVT technique)
• Phrasing/Improvisation
• Repertoire/direction
• Stage Presentation/expression/story telling
• Music theory/Solfeggio/ear training

Piano lessons

Alkistis is also teaching Classical piano for beginners and harmony at the piano (Jazz/pop). She has been working as a piano & theory of music teacher since 2009 privately and in several Conservatories in Athens, The Hague and Rotterdam.

The lessons are focusing on:
• Technique
• Repertoire
• sight reading
• harmonic analysis
• Music theory

Music theory lessons

If you want to learn more only about music theory & harmony (classical or Jazz), I can also help you with this.
The lessons are containing:
• Music theory
• Harmony
• Solfeggio
• Ear training
• Dictee

Looking forward to meet you and work with you! Contact me for a trial lesson!

Our lessons can take place at my space or I could visit yours if that is required.

About me

Born in Athens (Greece). Alkistis started taking piano lessons at the age of seven and she got involved into Choirs since a very young age. She graduated from the Music High School of Pallini (Athens) which was a High School with direction in Music and more particularly in Classical and Greek folk music.
In Music she found a world where she belongs to and that led her to study Musicology in Athens University and classical piano but soon she realized that her biggest passion was singing.
She was the singer and band leader of different kind of bands like 8espesious small band, Midnight sound, Jazz Hug Quartet and more.
Her passion for Improvisation and Jazz music brought her in the Netherlands where she studied jazz singing at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague and she is now doing Master’s in Jazz singing at Codarts in Rotterdam.
Until now she had the opportunity to meet and perform with great musicians from all over the world and sing in several Venues and Festivals in Greece, Belgium and the Netherlands. She is currently working on her first album with original tunes with modern jazz direction.
Her music is inspired by: Wayne Shorter, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, Joshua Redman, E.S.T, etc.

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    • Begin vandaag door een bericht te sturen naar onze docent Alkistis L.

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