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Over Alberto P. J.

My name is Alberto, and I play brass instruments in classic and modern ensembles for more than 15 years.

Graduated in tuba performance, I pursued the goal to be an orchestra musician. After extensive training including masterclasses with top orchestra players, two Master degrees and some professional experiences, I found out that I did not connect with the usual way of teaching music. I needed to find a way to teach in a more creative way.

Now, I have developed my own system in which we will go through all the technical and musical foundations of a brass instrument without even noticing. My main goal is to make you play beautifully since day one!

My own method includes:

-Breathing techniques
-Lip fitness and brass fundamentals
-Body posture awareness
-Recording and sound editing
-Preparation for auditions, exams, and performances
-Mentorship. We will set goals and follow up on them! Same as I did when I won the audition for the EU Wind Orchestra.

Lessons available in 4 different languages:


All this to make it an amazing musical journey!

Do you want to try? Then book your trial lesson RIGHT NOW!

I am looking forward to meeting you!

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Customized teaching method for the personal needs of each student Geeft les in het Nederlands, Engels en meer Geeft les aan volwassenen en kinderen

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Vanaf 20,00 EUR / 30 min.

De prijs is inclusief 20% korting op een cursus.

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Aangemaakt op 22/11/21

Alberto is a very kind teacher. I especially liked the breathing exercises he showed me!

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