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Saxofoon, Klarinet, Muziektherapie, Compositie, Geluidstechniek, Muziekproductie, Muziekgeschiedenis, Piano, Songwriting
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Over Adnan D.

Adnan Dura's interactions with music began in Marmaris, a picturesque location where nature's green and blue combine, inspiring artists. He graduated after finishing his primary and secondary school in Marmaris. 

CODARTS |Rotterdam, Master's Degree in Jazz Composition (2017-2019) 
ESMUC | Barcelona, Jazz Saxophone (2015-2016) 
Prins Claus Conservatorium | Groningen, Bachelor's Degree in Jazz Saxophone (2011-2015) 
Dokuz Eylul University | İzmir, Fine Arts Faculty, Music Science-Musicology (2008-2011)

Qualifications / Experiential Learning: 
13 years of teaching saxophone 
10 years of teaching music theory and composition 
12 years in music production 
13 Years of Solfeggio and Ear Training 

Dura, who lives in the Netherlands, is always working on musical theatre and dance projects, as well as composing and producing for a variety of orchestras of different sizes and types. 

Adnan has recently begun producing his second album, "Anthropocene "Epoch Z." String Quartet with Alto Saxophone & FX | Jazz-related Contemporary Music The records and concerts for this initiative will be released in late 2021. 

Method of instruction;

My motto is that everyone can learn to play the saxophone! 

I promise that by utilizing a particular way to teach the saxophone and basic piano, you will be able to play the saxophone in a short amount of time. 

Beginner's saxophone and piano lessons; 
I'm working with my pupils in a different method, which is more enjoyable than traditional instrument classes! 

Why is it fun and interesting? I can say this with total conviction since I have had a variety of musical experiences that enabled me to create a variety of personalized timetables for learners. What does it imply? So, depending on the learners' requests, I create an electro-acoustic program that is never dull. 

Weekly sessions are essential for learning to play the saxophone in a short amount of time. 
When you wish to study mainstream jazz, jazz-related modern music, or other popular genres, we may schedule your first class. 

Lessons on the saxophone for advanced students;
You can also take lessons with me while studying for admission exams to music schools and conservatories.

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Biedt de mogelijkheid tot opnemen en terugluisteren Ervaring met lesgeven aan mensen met ADHD, dyslexie en meer Geeft piano aan beginners Geeft les op elk niveau, vanaf 6 jaar Gespecialiseerd in Jazz, Pop, Soul en Latin

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