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Have you ever seen a saxophone and wondered how it feels to play it? It’s never too late to start! I will help you get started with the instrument. Do you already know how the instrument works? Great! Let’s take it to another level! I have plenty of study method books with a big range of different styles, we will find the ones that you enjoy the most and suit you better and combine them in the right way, to help you improve. Plus work on any music that you personally want to learn, name any song and I will help you learn how to play it!

Furthermore, I’ll guide you to extend your knowledge in harmony, rhythm, phrasing, chords, scales, breath control, reading music, music theory. There are plenty of different styles of music were to improvise and many times with different phrasing and vocabularies involved, an infinite world of music in there! I will guide you through the vocabulary of it.

About me:
Originally from Barcelona, after finishing my Masters in music at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague I moved to New York City where I led an active professional life, performing in the jazz scene for 5 years, as well as in other styles ensembles like rock, Latin, experimental, pop or classical music. There I released my album ‘New York Minute’ in 2019. I have toured and performed internationally several times around Europe, China, New Orleans, and more. Although jazz is my main subject I have worked for decades in all kinds of music setups and styles as well as composed for theater shows and various ensembles.

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Geeft les op elk niveau Geeft les in het Spaans, Engels en Nederlands In bezit van een VOG (Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag) Gespecialiseerd in jazz en improvisatie Geeft les aan kinderen vanaf 10 jaar Afgestudeerd aan het conservatorium (Master)

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Vanaf 28,00 EUR / 30 min.

De prijs is inclusief 20% korting op een strippenkaart.

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